Monday, July 8, 2013

Field Trip. Literally.

First, some pictures from Independence Day.  I wish they were in focus, but I was sitting up on the neighbor's deck, zooming in with my camera phone.  They had never done sparklers before, and were so delighted.

Then today, our friends invited us to the Helvetia Lavender Farm.  I had no idea what to expect.  We got out of the car, and were greeted by this very sweet and friendly...pig.

 Next up, bungee jumping on the trampolines.  Our two were more nervous than the other family, and didn't want to jump super high, much less do flips.  But they both grinned wildly the entire time.

 Then there was a short tightrope walk to a candy bucket.  Sasha got nervous and backed out of it after a few steps.  His little sister made it.  Then our friends' five-year-old girl made it.  He sighed and tried again.  He made it that time.  There were no such hesitations about the zip line.

 We all had some lavender tea, then the seven kids started to explore the edge of the pond.

They found frogs and tadpoles.  Inesa is examining a frog in pond water.

Oh, yes, the Lavender Farm also has lavender, oddly enough.  Looks and smells great.

Seeing the large alpaca farm on the way to this place, then being greeted by the pig made the trip already worth it by the time we'd merely parked.  The rest of the day was just wonder upon wonder.  What a great time.  They are open for their big festival next weekend, so we had all the amenities without the crowds.  The price was reasonable (I spent $24 on the two kids each doing the bungee jumping and ziplining), and the proceeds were going to supporting--I kid you not--widows and orphans in the Ukraine.